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The Cheapest Places to Travel in 2019

Cheapest places to travel in 2019

For Americans, India still remains as one of the preferred countries in terms of Cheapest places to travel for long durations. Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia are other preferred choices. Well, the definition of cheap/economical varies. Mr Tim Leffel from “www.cheapestdestinationsblog.com”, who hit the road since 1993, who already have 4 editions in market and 5th in progress, have fairly narrow the view in 2 categories, people with less money more time (backpackers)  and people with more money less time. For former he believes 40$ per day is economical and for later 400$ per day for a week is a fair amount.

For Long-duration-

Southeast Asian countries still considered the best Cheapest places to travel for a long duration, if you know the right places to visit, stay and eat.

When we are talking about Southeast Asian countries, then we are talking mainly about, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal etc.


Cheapest places to travel in 2019

Photo credit by Harsh Agarwal

I personally believe Nepal still top the list of Cheapest places to travel in 2019, in terms of flight, accommodations and food. They are still recovering from the massive earthquake that’s hit them on 25th April 2015. At some of the places during trekking, you will be finding them cheapest from all of the stay you ever had.

Vietnam & Cambodia

From last few years, the exchange rate of Vietnam and Cambodia is more stable. For Vietnam still, its 23k dong for 1 dollar in comparison to my last visit on 28 August 2018 was 22.5k dong. The northern part of Vietnam can easily accommodate you for months. Cambodia, on the other hand, is slightly on the higher hand than Vietnam, especially because of their parallel currency.


For backpackers, Thailand is best suited for a long stay. I have personally met a few travellers from England and Spain, who were staying there for more than a year. Volunteering at some Elephants rescues centres is the best way to keep yourself busy.

India, Malaysia and Indonesia-

Because of heavy footfalls and easy access, Some parts of these countries are overrated. Because of heavy taxes, and high-income, accommodations are pretty expensive. Whereas, there are still places where accommodation and getting around is pretty cheap. Goa, Pushkar, Jaisalmer, Chail & Ladakh in India are still favourites for many hippies and other backpackers.

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Cheapest places to travel-Indian Maharaja Tours

Photo credit- Harsh Agarwal


I strongly believe Myanmar is still beautiful and cheap. But bad infrastructures and political conditions have really made it difficult to travel.


Don’t think of that. Offcourse Bhutan is not Cheapest places to travel. . I think the idea behind this is good. Like at one time India was facing difficulty to deal with hippies, Bhutan have already learned the lesson and have decided to filter their tourism. That’s why minimum amount what 1 have to spend in Bhutan is 250 USD. So they are eyeing travellers of 2nd categories. More money and less time.

Sri Lanka-

Cheap places to travel in 2019

Pic credit- Harsh Agarwal

Sri Lanka was on the emerging Cheapest places to travel. It was emerging nicely before the serial blast strikes them. Let’s talk about Srilanka before 21st April. For backpackers, it’s not always cheap locations only, but diversity as well. And in my opinion, Srilanka being small is most diverse among other Southeast countries. Wildlife, beaches, hill stations and nightlife etc are major attractions for tourists. Srilanka was very balanced and found it very economical. 1 $ = 276 Srilanka rupees. So let’s hope it can fight back harder from terrorist attack.


Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Have you been to another cheap destination, do share your experience on Cheapest places to travel. with us in the comment box.


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