Taj Mahal from Delhi by train

Taj Mahal from Delhi: By Train

Taj Mahal from Delhi by train

In a previous blog, we discussed how you can Plan Taj Mahal from Delhi same day. If you have not read then you can check by clicking it here- Taj Mahal same day tour by car

The other option is visiting Taj Mahal from Delhi by train. Until and unless you are doing backpacking tour or want to keep your tour very economical or you really want to experience Indian Trains and you have a travel agent to book everything for you, don’t try Taj Mahal from Delhi by train tour. It will be a hustle. A booking train ticket is not that easy in India. Most of the trains are booked months before. Current reservation opens just a day before and usually gets booked in less than a minute. So always keep your options open.

Delhi being a capital, have very wide railway network. Most of the cities are directly connected to Delhi. From morning till evening there are several trains that connect both the cities.

Railway Stations-

In Delhi, there are 2 important railway stations that connect with Agra.

  • New Delhi
  • H Nizamuddin

In Agra, only 1 railway station is well connected by Delhi –

  • Agra Cantt

Tourist Trains from Delhi to Agra-

  • BHOPAL SHTBDI (12002)

New Delhi- Agra Cantt: – 6:00-7:57 (Approx 2 hrs)

Agra Cantt- New Delhi: – 21:15- 23:30 (Approx 2 hrs)

  • GATIMAAN EXP (12050)

H Nizamuddin- Agra Cantt: – 8:10- 9:50 (approx 1:40 hrs)

Agra Cantt- H Nizamuddin: – 17:50 – 19:50 (approx 1:40 hrs)

For “Bhopal Shtbdi” return ticket will be under 40 USD and for “Gatimaan Exp” under 50 USD.

Apart from these, there are several other sleeper trains. But as they are of long route trains so getting a reservation is difficult. You can check trains and availability on the railway’s official website- https://enquiry.indianrail.gov.in/ntes/index.html.

You can click on “Train between stations” to check the status.

To book your ticket online official website is- www.irctc.co.in

You need to create your account on www.irctc.co.in before booking.

Bhopal Shtbdi and Gatimaan exp:-


Indan Maharaja Tours

Both these trains are fully Air conditioned and are chair cars. They are especially for tourist who wants to do a day visit to Agra for Taj Mahal. Breakfast is included and served on board. Food is hygienic and safe to eat. You will also get a 1lt packed drinking water bottle on the train.

It’s a bit complicated to book the ticket directly from Indian Railway Portal. So you will need a local agent who can book tickets on your behalf. There are many agents at Pahar Ganj, Karol Bagh who book tickets. Even you can ask your hotel, they can also book tickets for you. Don’t plan to buy a ticket on the same day of departure. It won’t work. You might get into a trap. There are touts keeping an eye on foreigners at ticket windows and will approach you to sell tickets. Those tickets are fake or unreserved.

For Back Packers –

For Taj Mahal from Delhi by train, 1st Train is Bhopal Shtbdi. It leaves the New Delhi railway station at 6 am. The 2nd one is Gatimaan express from Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station departs at 8:10 hrs. So you need to leave your hotel at least a hrs before. It totally depends on which part of Delhi you are staying. If you are near the Airport or Gurgaon then you might have to leave more early.

New Delhi railway station is very big. Most people are dropped towards New Delhi metro side or Ajmeri gate. So you might end up walking few 100 Mts to cross all platforms and reach Platform No.1 towards Pahar Ganj side. So it’s advisable to reach half hrs before.

How to reach the Railway Station-

You will be having an option of Auto rickshaws (Tuk Tuk) or cabs/taxis for railways station. The easy and safest way is to ask your hotel to arrange a cab. All most all the hotels have to pick and drop facilities. It should be under INR 500 or say 8 USD. Otherwise, you can download the “Uber or Ola” app from play store. Last option should be Auto rickshaws. In terms of dropping they are not reliable. They might be able to drop you few hundred Mts before. They can also drop you at the wrong side of the station, coz that might be closest dropping point for them saving at least 30 mins, so again you have to walk all the way to platform No.1. Platform No. 1 is towards “Pahar Ganj” market. That’s a landmark you have to remember.

Once you are at the Railway station for Taj Mahal from Delhi by train then you have to check the platform for Bhopal Shtbdi. Usually, it comes on Platform 1. Next step is to check your coach number. Be careful of touts.

Important Tip-

  • There are many touts at a railway station who will try to sell you confirm ticket to Agra or for anywhere. It’s a scam. These tickets are fake or not confirmed. So don’t rely on them.
  • Other things which have come in a notice that sometime they will come to you and will check your ticket and will say that “ Bhopal Shtbdi Train” is cancelled so the only option is to take a taxi. You might end up paying a couple of hundred dollars for that.

So be aware, foreigners are a soft target, always listen to your instinct and don’t believe on anyone blindly. There are information centres please double check with them. Only in winters in extremely bad weather, Bhopal Shtbdi is cancelled that also just once or twice in a year. So don’t listen to them.

Still, if you change your mind then taxi should not cost you more than 150 USD all inclusive.

( You can check Taj Mahal same day tour by Indian Maharaja Tour)

Breakfast on Board

Taj Mahal from Delhi by train tour, Once you are settled on your seat and train leave the station, you will be kept busy by Train staff. They will keep serving you. Everything from water to breakfast is very safe to drink and eat. It’s all-inclusive in train ticket cost, but still, in the end, they will expect a small tip for their services. Your train ride will be of approx 2 hrs.

Arrival in Agra-

Taj Mahal from Delhi by train

From New Delhi to Agra, this train stops just once, at Mathura Junction. Holy town for Hindus. Once you arrive at Agra Cantt at 8 am you will have ample time to explore Agra. Monuments, food, markets etc. As you are on your own, many taxies and Tuk Tuk drivers will approach you for taxi services. So keep calm. Either you can negotiate with them for full day service (Under 20 USD) or you can hire them per destination. Taj Mahal is only 7 km from Agra Cantt. You can book a taxi from Taxi booth at the station or can use online app “OLA”

It totally depends how much time you want to spend in Agra. If it’s full day then your return ticket should be of “Bhopal Shtbdi at 21:15” If you want to visit only Taj Mahal and Agra fort then you can book your return ticket in “Gatimaan Express at 17:50″. But this needs to be done before not on the same day.

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Luxury Travellers-

If you have book “Taj Mahal from Delhi by train” through a travel agent then you don’t have to worry. Everything should be planned and scheduled. You should be picked from the hotel by a Taxi driver and will be dropped at the railway station to board a train to Agra. You will be escorted to your seat by Company representative.  Once you arrive in Agra, Company’s representative/guide/Driver will receive you and you will continue with your planned sightseeing. You can choose your departure early from Gatimaan express if you don’t want to spend a full day in Agra. But this needs to be decided in advance at the time of booking tour.

Weather conditions-

Train Journey is amazing, depending at what time of the year you are travelling. In extreme winters ( Dec- Jan) when it’s very foggy, it’s not advisable to take a train. Usually, these trains are delayed by 4-5 hrs from each side. This can hurt your schedule badly if you are planning to catch an international flight the next day.

So keep weather conditions in mind while booking your tour.

I hope this information given by Indian Maharaja Tours is useful to plan your “ Taj Mahal from Delhi by train”.

Feel free to get in touch for expert advice or any other information.

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