Taj Mahal on Full moon

Taj Mahal on Full Moon

All you need to know about Taj Mahal On Full Moon 


After Visit Taj Mahal at dawn, next astonishing tour will be Taj Mahal full moon tour.  It is believed that the stones at Taj Mahal (Pietra dura) glitter during the full moon nights. Visit of Taj Mahal on full moon nights for the most memorable and everlasting impression. Taj Mahal is also very enchanting at sunrise and sunset

To visit the “Taj Mahal on full moonlight”, first of all, you have to finalize the date of full moonlight, as moonlight view of Taj Mahal is available only 5 days in a month during full moon nights. The full moon night, two nights before the full moon and two nights after the full moon. Tickets are booked one day in advance before the visiting day.


Note:- On every Friday, Taj Mahal remains closed. (Even for moonlight visit.)

Night viewing of Taj is not allowed on Fridays and during the entire month of Ramadan.



  1. Taj Mahal on full moon night viewing is opened for 04 hours from 20:30 to 12:30. On full moonlight nights only (5 days in a month)
  2. Eight batches of 50 tourists oscillate between 20:30 to 00:30, total 400 of visitors per night.
  3. The tourist must reach Shilpgram (Eastern Gate Taj Mahal Parking) half an hour before the scheduled time mentioned on their ticket for security checks and from there they will be taken in the batches of 50 people per group by battery Van and back.
  4. Each group is allowed to spend a maximum 20-25 mins inside the Taj Mahal on the main Platform.
  5. They have different slots for Taj Mahal at full moon Visit-

20:30-21:00, 21:00-21:30, 21:30-22:00, 22:00-22:30, 22:30-23:00, 23:30-00:00, 00:00-00:30


For booking tickets for Full Moonlight visit of Taj Mahal you must carry following documents-

  1. A scanned copy of passport.
  2. A Scanned copy of visa to India.
  3. Name and address of Hotel/ Homestay in Agra where you will be staying and how long.
  4. Name address of Hotel/ Homestay of your stay prior to arriving in Agra.
  5. Your home address, cell phone or home number/s.
  6. The valid e-mail address and cell number.
  7. The tickets are non-transferable.
  8. Night Viewing Ticket can be cancelled in the above-mentioned office on the day of viewing up to 1 P.M. (Cancellation charges: 25% of the ticket). After that Ticket and fees are non-refundable.


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Booking Tickets for Taj Mahal full moon tour-

Ticket window opens at 10:00 am. But locals and agents starting to queue up since 5:oo -6:00 am, as tickets are very limited (400 Only). So for a hassle free booking and to get the desired Slot, it’s advisable to get your booking through recognized Travel Agents.

You can always drop us a query for Taj Mahal moonlight visit on, [email protected] or can drop WhatsApp message on +91 9758997888, +91 9219091822

The entrance tickets for Moonlight visit of Taj Mahal are as below:-

Taj Mahal Night Viewing Tickets available 1 day before Night Viewing of the Taj Mahal 10.00 A.M. to 6.00 P.M.


Adult 750/- (Non-Indian)
Adult 510/- (Indian)
Child( 3 -15 years) 500/-


*Night viewing of the Taj Mahal is closed on every Friday & in the month of Ramzan.

The full moon dates for 2019 and 2020 are given below in the table.




Months Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
%age of Full moon
April N/a N/a N/a N/a N/a
May N/a N/a N/a N/a N/a
June 3rd  June 4th June 5thJune


6th June 7th June
July 3rd July


4th July 5th July 6th July 7th July
Aug 1st Aug 2nd Aug 3rd Aug 4th Aug 5th Aug
Sep 31st Aug 1st Sep 2nd Sep 3rd Sep 4th Sep (Friday)
Oct 29th Sep 30th Sep 1st Oct 2nd Oct


3rd Oct
Oct II 29th Oct 30th Oct


31st 1st Nov 2nd Nov
Nov 28th Nov 29th Nov 30th Nov


1st Dec 2nd Dec
Dec 28th Dec 29th Dec 30th Dec 1st Jan


2nd Jan


Note: – Above dates are based on Astrological calculation which is likely to change sometimes. Tourists are requested to confirm the dates before book the tour.


  1. Prefer to choose the later batches for Full moon visit of Taj Mahal, as the moon may not always be high enough or visible clearly during the early batches.
  2. Be prepared for pretty strict security checking during night views. Bring your passport/ document and Taj Mahal Moonlight tour ticket.
  3. Bags and mobile phones aren’t allowed inside the monument, with the exception of cameras. However, only still photography is permitted and not video. It often tends to be really dark and quite a pain to click a decent photograph, without glaring and noisy flash to ruin it. As tripods are not allowed, night photography can be difficult.
  4. A lot of times, it is extremely dark and the moon may not be visible clearly, not leaving enough light for the Taj to acquire its blush. Do not be disappointed and remember that it is mostly just luck when it comes to seeing the Taj Mahal at night.
  5. Enjoy the moment in front of Taj Mahal at Full Moon if the conditions are not preferable for Night photography.
  6. While you are there, do not miss the sunsets and sunrise at Taj Mahal. There are many other vantage points like Mehtab Bagh from where you can enjoy more views of Taj Mahal.


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