8 Incredible tips for the best photos in Taj Mahal

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Taj Mahal is one of the most photographed buildings in the world. If you are looking to get the best 

photos of the Taj Mahal at sunrise or want to get yourself clicked then it won’t happen that easily. You really have to plan your visit in advance. Best photos in  Taj Mahal at sunrise, Taj Mahal same day Tour, and Taj Mahal Photography Tour is other popular tours for Taj Mahal. The following tips may be helpful to make your visit memorable

Tip 1- Avoid Weekend

Taj Mahal at sunrise is most crowded on Weekends, especially Saturday morning. On Friday Taj Mahal remain close, so everyone either plans their visits on Thursday afternoon or Saturday morning. So, no matter how early you start, you will always see the crowd at both entrance gates. So avoid these times.

Tip 2- Start early morning

Always plan your visit to the Taj Mahal at sunrise. Taj Mahal gate opens 30 mins before sunrise. So, you can check sunrise time in the local newspaper or online. Usually, I use this website to check the sunrise or sunset time. (Sunrise time in Agra). If you are a professional photographer then you can plan your visit in a better way by using “App- Photo pills”. It’s a paid app both for Android and- iPhones. After checking the sunrise time, I will suggest starting at least 1.5 hrs before sunrise time. You can reach Either the Eastern gate for entrance ( Close to Hotel The Oberoi- Amar Villas, 0.5 Kms and Shilpgram Main parking, 1 km) or the Western gate.

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Tip 3- Buy a ticket online.

The ticket window opens approx. 1 hr before sunrise. If you want to be very early to enter the Taj Mahal then it’s not worth buying a ticket from the ticket window. By the time you will get your ticket, the queue at the entrance will be growing very long. Usually, guides buy tickets for their clients, big groups occupy their places first. So, if you have your guide then he can buy on your behalf. Otherwise, I will suggest that you should buy online. You can check the link (Buy Ticket online), or can visit the official website- (www.asi.payumoney.com). The online ticket is valid for 2 days but for 1 visit only. You don’t have to carry a print of the ticket. A screenshot on your phone will work. They just scan the bar code from your phone. Make sure every member should have a copy on their phone. Email, WhatsApp, or screenshot work. You have to show your ID at the entrance. So either carries a passport or a copy of the Passport on your mobile phone.

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Tip 4- What Not To carry in Taj Mahal at Sunrise

The Last leg is clearing through the security check at the Taj Mahal at sunrise. It can take your time, and if they find something suspicious then it’s a hassle. Either you have to dispose of that in a dustbin or have to get it deposited in a locker that is outside, which means you have to go through that queue again. So the best thing is don’t carry any additional bag with you, avoid the camera bag even, just carry your mobile phone, camera gear, and some cash in case if needed. No eatables, smoking stuff, or soft toys are allowed in. So the list is pretty long, better just carry your phone, cameras, water bottle, and cash in your pockets. If you are carrying a small bag then it has to pass through a scanning machine and then will be checked personally.

Tip 5- Best Spots for taking photos.

Once You are in then you can quickly rush to the Taj Mahal to beat the crowd. I will advise you don’t stop even for a second on the 1st main platform. You can get a better reflection from the 2nd half of the pool. Quickly secure your place on Princess Diana’s Bench. After some quick shots then step down on another side towards the Taj Mahal for some awesome reflection. Once you are done the last most popular spot for photography is from Mosque ( Left side monument of the Taj Mahal). Through Mosque you can make a beautiful frame of Arch, Taj Mahal through it, and Sun in the same frame.

Tip 6- What to wear.

I will advise, you can wear some Indian traditional dresses. For girls, it can be  Sarees and Kurta Pyjama for boys. Girls have more options to wear long dresses with big flair, solid colors like- Red, Blue, Orange, Green, and purple are more advisable. Pre-wedding shoots at Taj mahal, and Photoshoot at taj mahal, are some popular tours organized by Photography tour in India,  In summer it gets very hot and humid so cotton is advisable. Hats and colorful scarfs can be very useful props. Umbrellas can also be used.
Carry an additional water bottle, after so much of a run and photo shoots, usually, people get exhausted, so it’s advisable to carry an additional water bottle with you.

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Tip 7- Camera gears

In the Taj Mahal, you don’t need the lenses for photos. If you are using DSLR then, your Kit lens is more than sufficient. Additionally, you can carry a wide-angle lens for wider perception. Nowadays even the Latest mobile phones are very useful, they have reduced the burden of carrying big cameras. Some phones have the option to shoot in Raw, which gives more options for post-processing. Using external flash will be helpful to get rid of shadows. Don’t carry an additional bag for your flash. I will advise you to install it on camera only while passing through security.

Tip 8- Hiring a professional

The best option for an awesome photo shoot is taking the services of a professional photographer. Some guides are comfortable with operating DSLRs, but most no. Even professional Photographers in the Taj Mahal are not that technically sound and most importantly, they are allowed only up to the center platform. So, you should hire either a professional photography guide or a photographer. Don’t forget to tip additionally to your guide for awesome photos.

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