Ever since we thought of The Indian Maharaja Tours in 2011, we have focused on providing a platform for travel enthusiasts from all economic backgrounds to explore the real India in the most authentic way possible.

A company that was launched on the experience of traveling and exploring India for over 7 years, our specialists know the intricacies of exploring the diversity of Indian culture.

Our main office located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, is led by a team of qualified professionals with each of our staff experiencing over 15 years in the tourism and hospitality industry.

With their eagerness to please our customers and our desire to present India’s vibrant and bright culture in the best way possible, we have been able to establish our company as one of the leading providers of inbound photography and cultural tours in India.

Some of the most cherished IMT tours focusing on organized photography & cultural tours include

  • Sunrise tour of Taj Mahal.
  • Tours to Biggest cattle fair of Pushkar, where you will find yourself witnessing bygone
    medieval era.
  • Photography tours to unchartered and unexplored tribal lands of Gujrat and Orissa.
  • Unique photography tours to the mighty forts of Rajasthan.
  • Capture the forceful flight of wandering migratory birds in Bharatpur.
  • Heritage tour in the land of Shiva. Walkthrough the narrowest alleyways of Varanasi –India’s oldest living city and experience a rare example of ancient civilization blending in with modernization.
  • Photography tours in Ladakh – the land of the Lamas, where the amazement of viewing the night sky of never-ending galaxies can only be compared to our dedication to making sure you explore all the hidden gems of India.
  • Unique walking and street photography at the old towns of Jodhpur. Visit the mighty fort Mehrangarh of Jodhpur and the only ‘living fort’ in the world in Jaisalmer which has over 2000 residents.
  •  Kumbh Mela – Explore the world’s most ancient holy bash, God’s very own retreat in the best way possible under our guidance and care.
Golden Triangle Tour to India | Taj Mahal Same Day Tour | Same day Taj Mahal tour
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Travel Cultures

  • Tribes of Vietnam and Thailand – Get up close with some of the rarest tribes of Vietnam and Thailand, exploring their unique and exciting way of life firsthand!
  • The architecture of Cambodia – Explore the rich blend of Western modernism with famous Cambodian motifs and old-style Southeast Asian construction styles while sightseeing under our expert guidance.
  • North East Tribes – Explore the rich culture and history of these century’s old tribes with us.
  • Extensions to Jawai Leopard sanctuaries.
  • Experience the roars of great Indian tigers in the wild jungles of Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh, Panna National Park, Kanha Tiger Reserve, Pench National park for leopards and Tigers, Kaziranga National Park for Tigers, Elephants, and one-horned rhinoceroses under our expert guidance.
  • Wildlife Photography Tours to Srilanka as well for Leopards and wild elephants.

Our Founders

Our founder Harsh Agarwal at heart is an explorer whose love for exploring India is reflected in his professional photography for which he has won prestigious awards such as –

  • I-click Photography award bagged 1st prize in Street photography, 2016.
  •  His work has also been recognized around the world through various publications and exhibitions.
  • In 2015 he got special recognition with his Photo Review by Uttar Pradesh Tourism – of “People performing Namaz in Tajmahal” and published in well-known magazines like Asian Photography etc.

IMT is his brainchild, and the idea of this tourism setup was conceived in his mind in 2006, while he was backpacking in Pushkar.

After extensively traveling across the country, he decided he needs to share this limitless ocean of culture and history by offering inbound culture and photography tours to outside India clients who share his passion for exploration.

His resolution to succeed has been further fortified by his wife Mrs. Arti Agrawal, who started off as a Spanish-speaking tour leader and now they lead their expeditions together.

Together they have traveled to Ladakh to shoot galaxies, walked in the narrow alleyways of Varanasi and Jodhpur, witnessed the Kumbh Mela in 2016 and 2019 – all while capturing award-winning pictures, with the pictures of the Nagas from the Kumbh Mela gaining widespread attention.

The gypsies and the camels of the Pushkar region, a region where Harsh has led photography tours since 2012, have now become their friends. Harsh and Arti have also experienced the joys of traveling and capturing the lives of the tribes of Vietnam.

Recently they finished with their Sri Lanka scouting trip for culture tour and photography workshops with elephants, in partnership with US-based award-winning Photographer- Mr. Oliver Klink.

Travel duo | Harsh Agarwal | Harsh Agarwal Photography

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Andrea Livingston

We had an incredible experience seeing the wonderful sights of Rajasthan with Indian Maharaja Tours. Harsh developed our tour using his expertise and experience with complete professionalism and tailored the tour to cater to our needs.

I would most certainly use this company again and have recommended them to others


Thank you sssooo sssooo much for all your help in our travels, and more for taking care of us from Chicago to here . We are so appreciative of your efforts and care, thank you so much!
Kids and us got to explore India with gusto and happiness! We will remember it forever!!!